Hi, my name is Bethan and I like to run. I haven't always been a runner, if you'd asked me to run a few years ago I would have told you to f*uck off (or a variation of), but once I got going it turned out I quite liked it. Actually I liked it a lot. I liked the freedom it gave me. I liked how it made me feel like I owned the city (London, if you were wondering) and most of all I liked the person it made me

Since getting over my fear of lycra I've run races of all distances (including a marathon), changed my outlook on life, become a pacer and written lots of things (mostly about running). Oh, and I got happy. That one's important.

This blog is about my life, the things I do, the experiences I have and sometimes even about how I feel. When I'm not writing here I'm moonlighting as the Running Editor for We Heart Living, grafting at my day job or tweeting lefty feminist things (sometimes about sport, sometimes not). 

Finally, I'm the one in the middle. In case you were wondering.

I love to connect with people and discover new things - you can find me on twitter @aprettyplace and instagram @aprettyplacetoplay, or email me at aprettyplacetoplay@gmail.com.